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Thrice Art Exhibition

The Van Loon Gallery presents Thrice. A highly anticipated exhibition featuring works by three acclaimed artists: Tomas Haag, Jodie Herrera and Roland Van Loon. These three artists complement each other effortlessly, while still conveying distinctive creative expressions. Tomas Haag uses “reclaimed” house paint (taken from chemical disposal facilities), found wood, and discarded books to construct multi-layered, collaged paintings and assemblages, he references ancient cultures and spiritual traditions, but with just a hint of smart-ass by creating homages to criminal saints, a bodhisattva telling a fart joke, events of divine banality and cosmic significance, stripped of pretense or stuffed with it. Jodie Herrera’s entire oil painting career has been committed to one project. This project consists of her semi-photorealistic paintings that focus on the female figure/portrait where she seeks to create homage to the female experience. She does this by narrating her subjects' personal stories of trauma and transformation through symbolism within her paintings. Herrera's work strives to celebrate the raw beauty and resilience of women from all walks of life. Roland Van Loon’s oil paintings emit emotion through loose brush strokes and layers of fabric collage. Loon states, “I believe the impulse to paint is inspired and should not be subordinate to skill and technique. That is why I paint from memory. It allows my subconscious to open up its memory of what I saw and felt. The technique many times comes from the demands of the subject naturally while evolving and experimenting.”

Date & Time

June 25, 2016

5:00PM - 8:00PM

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