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Last Monuments

An exhibition of recent works by Frol Boundin. "Last Monuments" is an exploration of what remains. All over the world symbols of once potent ideas and aspirations decay into rubble. From grand visions of communist dictators to the daydreams of Californian fishermen, only empty shells remind us of the pasts that still ring with the sad possibilities of a different future. The images of these objects are the new monuments. Found through extensive searches of anonymous databases, lifted from obscurity out of the darkest corners of the Internet and presented as nostalgic glimpses into our own past, they are intended as reminders. Reminders, that we are quickly losing our sense of wonder and imagination. That no longer are we accustomed to the contemplation of the past. That preservation of visual symbols is what reminds us of our mistakes. That without memory there is no history.

Date & Time

Weekly on Thursday and Friday

Mar 08, 2013 through Apr 12, 2013

12:00PM - 5:00PM

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