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Winter of the Metal People

The presenter is Dennis Herrick, a man innately inquisitive from his life-long career in journalism—as a reporter, newspaper publisher, and most recently as a member of the journalism faculty at UNM/ Albuquerque. While Dennis retired in 2012 his enquiring mind keeps him digging into intriguing historical tales related to places in around Rio Rancho, where he lives. Synopsis: Herrick will reveal the history of the little-known—but bloody—Tiguex War. He became interested in local Pueblo lore and Coronado’s expedition when he moved to Rio Rancho’s Rivers Edge III development. For two winters Coronado’s military headquarters was at Santiago Pueblo, the original site just a short walk from his house. The Tiguex War was the first-named Indian war fought throughout this area by Coronado and his army against the Tiwa Puebloans. Herrick writes about this in his historical novel, Winter of the Metal People, the first devoted to the Tiguex War.

Date & Time

March 17, 2013