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Crystals 101

Explore the History, Esoterics, Medicine, and Science of Natural Crystals.

This hands-on class explores the history, esoterics, medicine and science of natural crystals. Touch and experience the variety of geometric crystal structures while learning to identify the various types of crystals such as: fadens, double-terminated, keys, channelers and golden healers. Get additional chakra stone information to develop your own personal applications. Quartz is Earth’s most prevalent mineral and is found in most current electronics technologies. It contains white light and thus contains the seven colors of the rainbow, which correspond to the human chakras. Many find that it harmonizes and aligns human energies for wellness meditation, purification, spiritual development, and diagnostic healing. Don’t miss your opportunity to use this amazing life resource. You will receive a workbook and a personal crystal.

Date & Time

January 30, 2016

12:00PM - 2:00AM

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