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The Accounting Division of DynaCorp Presents Office Space: The Musical

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A Parody of the cult classic ‘Office Space!’

Pagosa Springs is proud to welcome the second floor accountants of the toilet manufacturer Dynacorp to the Thingamajig Theatre as they present a musical parody of the cult movie, “Office Space.”

The show is an original creation and the first-time ever onstage appearance by the accountants, whose bosses don't know they're doing the show — famous for its depiction of cubicle-farm madness and dim-witted managers.

Can the accountants get through the night — and through the performance — without completely embarrassing themselves and raising the ire of their supervisors? As the evening progresses, the accountants find their own lives taking center stage as egos collide, tempers flare, and deep-held infatuations are laid bare for all to see and hear in song! Musical numbers include “Flair,” “Jump to Conclusions,” “Stuck in a Rut,” “Change” and “The Story of Milton.”

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