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Signing/reading for new book THE JUNGLE AT THE DOOR: A Glimpse of Wild India

Acclaimed photographer Joan Myers teams up with renowned environmental writer and historian William deBuys in this gorgeous book of photographs of India’s wild places. Inspired by Kipling’s Just So Stories, which Myers read, as many of us did, as a child, THE JUNGLE AT THE DOOR is her homage both to that book and to the parts of India that few travelers ever see, much less know about, and which are rapidly vanishing in the face of increasing development and industrialization. This is the land of the tiger and elephant and monkey and rhino and a treasure trove of other species. But, as deBuys notes in his provocative essay, poaching is a persistent and pervasive problem, and the natural habitat for wild animals is shrinking at an alarming rate. THE JUNGLE AT THE DOOR is that rare glimpse into another world, a world that depends not only on human awareness of what is lost when the jungle is gone, but also on the courage and foresight to preserve remaining wild places everywhere, from those in India to our own home ground.