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Smitten Forum: Curator’s Talk

Call it a mobile artist colony, a colorful social experiment or a crafty piece of performance art. Each year since 2014, Sara Brown and Marissa Saneholtz have invited a new group of pioneering jewelers and metalsmiths to work side-by-side in a communal studio for 7 days. The initiative is called Smitten Forum, and invitees range from emerging to well-established makers who employ a staggering array of mediums and techniques. This year’s participants are headed to Abiquiu, New Mexico in late December, but they’ll also leave their mark on the nearby art center of Santa Fe. The form & concept shop is excited to present the Smitten Forum exhibition, which features wearable artwork from all of this year’s artists. A curator’s talk featuring Brown, Saneholtz and 2014 Smitten Forum participant Robert Ebendorf will take place on Wednesday, January 3 from 2-3 pm. The show opens on Friday, November 24 from 5-7 pm, in conjunction with the exhibitions Thais Mather: Reckless Abandon and MICROCOSM. Smitten Forum runs through January 6, 2018. Participating Artists: Melissa Cameron, Cappy Counard, Rebekah Frank, Don Friedlich, Laritza Garcia, Leslie W. LePere, Bryan Petersen, Sarah Perkins, Cheryl Rydmark, Marissa Saneholtz, Sara Brown

Date & Time

January 3, 2018

2:00PM - 3:00PM

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