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Around 505

Cheryl Wheeler

It has always seemed as if there were two Cheryl Wheelers, wrestling for control of the mic. There is poet-Cheryl, writer of some of the prettiest, most alluring and intelligent ballads on the modern folk scene. And there is her evil twin, comic-Cheryl, a militant trend defier and savagely funny social critic. The result is a delightful contrast between poet and comic. Born in the small town of Timonium, Maryland, the wistful rural vistas she glimpses so poignantly through her fleeting windshield really do represent the deep pull of place she feels in her wandering life. With the possible exception of Greg Brown, no modern songwriter can write as convincingly about the sheer, simple-hearted joy of a warm spring day driving down southern backroads, or a chilly gray one spent thinking properly dark thoughts in a bayside hotel. Join us for an intimate evening of smart folk music.

Date & Time

June 6, 2013


More Info

$25 in advance, $28 at the door

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