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Durango Fiesta Days

Various times and Durango locations. Please visit for more details. From early in the 1930's till the present, the annual event we all know as "Fiesta" has been an important element of Durango and the surrounding area. Originally known as the Spanish Trails Fiesta, many changes have occurred over the years, including the name. In the 60's, it was renamed the Navajo Trail Fiesta and in the 80's it became Durango Fiesta Days. Many of these changes came about as a result of changes within the organizing committee at the time. Early organization was a result of area merchants promoting tourism in the area. During the time of the Navajo Trail Fiesta, a local civic group handled the footwork. Today, the committee is made up of a variety of local residents who want to preserve the heritage of flavor of the area.

Date & Time

Every Day!

Jul 20, 2013 through Jul 28, 2013