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Chase The Trainer

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2423 190th St
Redondo Beach , CA 90278

(310) 363-0217

Hey there! I'm Chase, Certified Personal Trainer based out of Redondo Beach, CA.

I became a personal trainer so that I could further educate myself, and help others reach fitness goals they never thought were possible. As cheesy as it may sound, fitness can change your life through mind, body, and spirit. It is something that challenges us to the very core, and brings about a new sense of accomplishment.

Seeing others triumph through fitness is an absolute joy for me!

The feeling of helping someone better themselves never gets old. Having personally experienced victories in fitness, as well as progressing through physical injuries, I know that anyone can overcome adversity. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get buff, or just stay in shape, I can help!

Consultations are free.