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A New Level of Comfort Among Sandals

May 12, 2015 07:24PM ● By Scott Blackwell

For decades, supportive comfort shoes have been declared clunky and even homely by the fashion conscious. But an Australian company is proving that consumers can have good looks, comfort and support, especially with this summer’s sandal lineup for women.

For many with pain in their feet and lower joints, doctors have long prescribed orthotic inserts. With those inserts, however, comes the task of moving them from one set of shoes to the next. Vionic’s solution is to build the orthotic into the shoe. At about $100 per pair, the Vionics are comparable in price to many orthotics alone.

Our testers tried Vionic's Lizbeth T-strap sandals. The shoe has an adjustable backstrap, a footbed of leather-topped natural cork and hammered metal embellishments for a fashionable finishing touch. 

Like all Vionics, the Lizbeth features a built-in orthotic with deep heel cups, biomechanically designed arch supports and a "firm yet flexible" midsole. And even in the sandals, all that technology is practically invisible. The orthotic provide excellent support for the ankles and consequently other lower joints.

Both of our testers have flat feet and complain of soreness after several hours in more common sandals and flip-flops. But they said the Vionic Lizbeths felt great as soon as they put them on and remained comfortable all day.

And since the Maxwell Canvas slipper for men received a glowing review in our Spring issue, we have no reason to doubt that any of Vionic's shoes are worth a try. Vionics are available at most Dillard’s stores. For more information, visit