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Choose, and Choose Fast

Oct 15, 2013 04:28PM ● By Scott Blackwell
Call us old-fashioned. Those single-cup coffee brewers occasionally grab our attention at department stores, but not enough to give up the drip.

Still, a 15-year-old company with 12 million units in households across the country and partnerships with almost every major coffee company might deserve another look. We took the Keurig Challenge and accepted a K45 Elite model onto our kitchen counter.

The K45, like most of the Keurigs is larger and heavier than most drip brewers. And at $120, more pricey. But as Starbucks has proven for years, money isn’t the point. Speed and choice is.
The Keurig brews a cup within about a minute. And with more than 200 choices that now include teas, cocoas and even iced specialties, the variety is staggering. K-Cup prices range from 65-77 cents per serving.

Our tasters found the K-Cups slightly less tasty than their fresh-ground drip versions when tasted side by side, but largely indistinguishable if consumed apart. And the convenience tipped the scale even further in its favor.

For more information, visit keurig .com