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Foil Identity Theft With Metal

Oct 15, 2013 04:25PM ● By Scott Blackwell
You religiously shred any waste paper with your credit card number on it, never give out your social security number on a cordless phone and shy away from questionable e-commerce sites.
Are you still vulnerable to identity theft?

The folks at Zippo think so, pointing to black market radio frequency ID chips that allows bad guys to use their smartphone s to read the magnetic strips on credit cards right through your wallet and clothes.

Zippo’s Metal Wallet is just that – a metal shield that keeps the radio waves at bay. We expected the wallet to be a bit too rigid for a back pocket, but at least from a backside’s point of view, it felt the same as leather. The Zippo is hinged and partially lined with a flexible polymer – all guaranteed for life. Available for about $50 at