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Class Sans Glass

Oct 15, 2013 04:19PM ● By Scott Blackwell
Of course, another way to keep the oxygen out of your wine is to buy boxed.
What do you mean, how dare we? There are plenty of good boxed wines these days. And it’s cost-efficient and environmentally friendlier.

Still, wine has a certain elegance that cardboard just doesn’t convey well. Enter Boxxle, a smart dispenser that gives wine lovers an easy and attractive way to pour, right down to the last drop.
To load the Boxxle, pull the wine bag from the box, then place the inner bag upside down inside the spring-loaded dispenser. Twist the spigot half a turn and push it through the dispenser’s hole. No more hanging the wine box on the side of a counter to pour a glass, nor tilting the box to get the last few ounces out.

Available for about $100 at