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A Speakerphone and Then Some

Oct 15, 2013 04:07PM ● By Scott Blackwell

Use the Renny with your cell phone.

If you’ve ever missed a call because you forgot to turn your cell phone ringer back on, or left it in your car after coming home from work, this little gadget could prove useful.

The Renny is a metal, baseball-sized speaker that connects with up to two smartphones as far as 200 feet away.

Unlike most Bluetooth devices, the Renny is designed to automatically connect and disconnect as the phones enter and leave the unit’s useable range.
 In our tests, the Renny worked flawlessly for about a week before a disconnection occurred. Whether it was the Renny’s fault or the phone’s, we were unable to determine. And no Bluetooth device we’ve ever used has stayed connected more than a few weeks without needing to be manually reconnected.

The range was impressive and worked with the phone placed in every room of the house except the garage, where three walls separated the devices. The Renny can be plugged into power or used with its rechargeable battery, so it’s as mobile as your phone.

The device offers different ringtones and announces the numbers of incoming calls if you choose to ignore them. And the sound outshined anything we’ve heard from a speaker that size. If you carry tunes on your phone, the Renny will do an admirable job as a mini-boombox.

It’s available for $100