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Mimicking Mother Nature?

May 07, 2013 10:51AM ● By Scott Blackwell
You’ve xeriscaped and put your sprinklers on a timer. Is there anything else to keep you plants looking good with less water? One company says the next step is to put some oxygen in your water. 

Pure Rain’s™ nozzles, wands and ground sprinklers use micro bubble technology to increase the content of dissolved oxygen in 
ordinary tap water.

We thought our school days taught that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen? As it turns out, more modern science reports that the process is reversed at night.

Whether water with more dissolved oxygen in it than tap actually benefits plants is still hotly debated in scientific journals and grower blogs. Pure Rain™ says its products can increase leafy plant growth by up to 30% and decrease your water usage.

We found the products to be well-built, although noisy with all that oxygen mixing going on inside. In February, it was too soon to see whether the products actually helped plants more than standard nozzles. Prices range from $20 to $40. For more information, visit