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Music From the Sun

May 07, 2013 09:29AM ● By Scott Blackwell
Remember the “good” old days when playing portable music through a set of speakers meant packing in pounds of batteries for the boom box?
No longer, thanks to the rukus Solar. If you’ve got sunlight and a Bluetooth-
enabled mp3 player, then you’ve got music. The rukus is an easy-to-carry set of speakers with a built-in solar panel capable of powering itself for up to eight hours, even after the sun goes down. Pairing with an mp3 took just seconds, even without looking at the instructions.
The $150 rukus produced quality sound, albeit not a lot of volume; it’s a welcomed addition for a small group around the campfire, but would get lost in the crowd at a patio party.
An especially handy feature is its USB port, that allows users to charge their device with the sun. For more information, visit