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British Class in a Glass

Dec 20, 2012 09:42AM ● By Scott Blackwell

Gin is among the few liquors in the world that most imbibers either love or hate.

 We could rightfully expect the same level of emotion from British icon of the upper-class Martin Miller. The antiques collector/boutique hotels owner/author entered the gin business several years ago and has been growing sales and collecting awards ever since.

 Miller’s gin is distilled like malt whiskey, using a traditional pot still method. Two separate distillations are used: one for the juniper and botanicals, including never before-used cucumber; and the other for orange peel and lime. The concoction is then shipped off to Iceland to blend with unprocessed spring water.

 Our tasters were split as to whether the botanical, almost floral taste made it superior to other gins. One even called it “oily.”Although the gin weighs in at a higher than average 90 proof, Miller’s spirit is a relatively reasonable $27, if you can find it. For information on retail outlets, visit