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Nature in a Bottle

Dec 20, 2012 09:28AM ● By Scott Blackwell

The finest herbs and berries? Check.

 No sugar or artificial sweeteners? Check.

 A patented method to keep nutrients at their peak, with no pasteurization? Check.

 Tasty? Ahhmigo is betting three out of four ain’t bad.

 Afterall, the most health-conscious of consumers choke down plenty of essences, extracts and oils from plants and animals they might not ever want to see on a plate.

 The most ingenious part of Ahhmigo is its special cap. Ground and dehydrated herbs and other beneficial plants are stored in an airtight capsule just above the spring water. Twist off the outer cap, then “bop” the inner cap to drop the nutrition into the drink. Shake the 12-ounce bottle and drink.

 Greens & Water features 64 ingredients, from familiar spinach to the more uncommon bladderwack and wakame. Our tasters said it reminded them of a salad – with no tomatoes or dressing.

 Chia & Water is designed to promote stamina and enhance digestion. Maybe the gelatinous consistency of the beverage after shaking is supposed to coat the stomach with its mini-boba like pods.

 Camu & Water is made from an Amazon berry with more than 30 times the vitamin C of an orange. They’re different, nutritious, fresh and easy to take on the run. And they’re available for about $3 each online at