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Headphones blend bling with high-tech boom

Oct 15, 2012 01:43PM ● By Stacy

Kleer wireless technology transmits music farther and more efficiently than Bluetooth

Rapper-turned-business-mogul-and-philanthropist 50 Cent has promoted sneakers, enriched water and video games over the last decade. He should know a thing or two about headphones, especially after starting a company called SMS to design and produce them.

The high-tech look and high-gloss finish are just the beginning. When turned on, the Sync by 50 headphones blink in LED electric blue to let everyone within sight know you’ve got some cool gear wrapped around your skull.

Flash and fluff aside, the wireless gadgetry that transmits tunes from source to Sync may soon give Bluetooth a run for its money. Kleer wireless technology streams music farther and lasts longer on a battery charge than Bluetooth. And its sound rivals CD quality; that’s 44.1 kHZ, 16-bit audio if you’re into those kinds of numbers.

Sleek, easy to feel buttons let listeners control volume, bass boost and a mute function almost 50 feet away from the furnished dongle that plugs into any music source with a small headphone jack.

We found the Sync easy to use and luxuriously comfortable. They produced a sound as good as other models we’d tested that cost $200-$300.

But the Sync by 50s tip the cash register scale at $400. If it’s any consolation, 50 Cent buys 250 meals for the homeless through Feeding America for every set of headphones purchased through his website.

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