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Fueled by Swiss Technology

Jul 04, 2012 10:59AM ● By Scott Blackwell

It may look like an industrial curling iron, but the Looftlighter blows 1,100-degree air out it, capable of igniting charcoal in less than 2 minutes.

If propane or lighter fluid aren’t in your grilling vocabulary, how about a Swedish power tool?

It may look like an oversized curling iron and sound like a hair dryer, but the Looftlighter ignites charcoal faster than anything we could hold a match to.

Plug it in, hold the Looftlighter next to a pile of charcoal and push the button. In less than 90 seconds glowing embers are already visible. Turn it off, wait 10-15 minutes and you’re ready to spread the coals and start grilling. In a bigger hurry? Keep pushing the button and you’re ready to cook in 5 minutes total.

The key to the Looftlighter is 1,100-degree air blown from the end of the unit. Anyone who’s started a fireplace or campfire knows fanning the flames builds a bigger blaze fast. Same principle with the Looflighter.

Such Swedish muscle isn’t cheap at $80, but it’s not out of line with most top-end grilling gear. Available in Albuquerque at Patio and Hearth Co. and online at