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Capture the moment – in aluminum

Jul 04, 2012 10:51AM ● By Scott Blackwell embeds its customers’ favorite digital images on sturdy, hard-finished aluminum.

Capture the Moment – In Aluminum

Remember when looking at a photo didn’t involve staring at a computer screen or mobile phone?
Technology may have almost done away with film and paper, but one company is betting on a medium even more durable than the digital realm of silicon and plastic. embeds its customers’ favorite digital images on sturdy, hard-finished aluminum. Printing photos on metals has has been appreciated in professional photographic circles for decades, but deemed too pricey for most amateurs and consumers.
No more. Upload your favorite digital image, choose a finish and size, then pay as little as $35 on the website. In about a week, an unbendable, almost indestructible photo arrives in the mail.
The company says that traditional photos are simply images that sit on paper. But Aluminyze images are embedded into the body of the aluminum, with the surface coating of the metal functioning as a translucent layer through which the image is viewed. The company says this results in a three-dimensional aspect to the image in which subjects seem to pop out from the background.
Well, we wouldn’t go that far, perhaps because we chose a matte finish instead of glossy. Close up and from a distance, the image looks comparable to a fine photo on quality paper. The difference is its toughness. Aluminyzed photos are waterproof and virtually scratchproof, can be cleaned with common household cleaners and won’t fade or discolor.
Prices range from $35 (8 X 10 in.) to $170 (20 X 30 in.) For an extra $4 to $12, choose fixtures to hang the photos on your wall or stand upright on a counter or table.
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